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Lukas L.U.C. Rostkowski will compose the score for The Peasants

Lukas L.U.C. Rostkowski will compose the score for The Peasants

Lukas L.U.C. Rostkowski, an award-winning conceptual composer, will compose  the music for The Peasants. Hence for the music to be truly coherent with the idea and the character of the movie, it will draw and relate very closely to traditional polish folk music of the 19th century. The composer wants to use traditional instruments, just like painters use authentic brushes and paints. Crank lyres, traditional drums, woodwind instruments, accordions and, of course, singing will all be used to create a magical landscape that complements the beauty of paintings. But this won’t be just another journey through the roots of polish folk music. L.U.C. wants to achieve rich world class sounds that will appeal to younger generations. At times we may create modern rhythms using old ethnic sounds. 


The music of those times, just like most aspects of peasant life, was very closely tied to life in a community and the rhythm of the calendar. There were two predominant cycles – the vegetative cycle and the liturgical. Musically we will refer to both of them with the predominance of a naturalistic vegetative rhythm. - adds L.U.C.


Lukas L.U.C. Rostkowski is an conceptual composer, art director and producer, author of 15 LP albums, many TV productions, film and animation scores. His Sleepoholic album was chosen by  Oscar winners Emmanuel Lubezki and Alejandro Inarritu for their special VR project Carne y Arena, which was awarded a special Oscar at the Academy's 9th Annual Governor's Awards. Founder of Rebel Babel Film Orchestra - an international Big Band combining styles of genres and artists from world orchestras. Within 3 years 10.000 musicians have played with RBFO.



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